How to Find an Emergency Dentist

Cracking a tooth can be painful and usually your Sydney dentist could take care of it for you. However, sometimes it is out of the usual surgery hours and you are left looking for an emergency dentist, and they are not always the easiest things to find.

If you do need to find an emergency dentist all thoughts of what your health insurance will cover may go out of your head, however it should be one of the first things that you think of. In fact, your health insurance may help you narrow down your search for an emergency dentist by giving you the list of emergency dentist that are covered on the list.

You can usually phone your own Sydney dentist when looking for an emergency dentist, who can usually give you the number of the emergency dentist to phone. Usually it is best to call them before 10pm to get instant help however there are 24 hour emergency dentist services so do not worry if you crack that tooth at two in the morning. However, you may be waiting in the office of the emergency dentist for a while depending on the other emergency cases they have.

An emergency dentist can usually take care of any problem, such as abscesses, lost tooth or severe toothache but there are things that you may need to consider the hospital for; usually severe swelling and bleeding of the mouth. When seeing an emergency dentist, you will not usually see your own dentist, which may be a problem for those that have a fear of the dentist. However, you have to make the decision on what you would rather do, see the emergency dentist now or wait for your own dental surgery to open, which could be a few days later depending on when your problem occurs.